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Static Saturday


For some reason I thought I would be able to take on seven courses this semester but now that the week is done I realize how stupid of an idea that was. As much as I love to read, it’s never the same when you have to do it for class. My grandfather gave me this book on Al Capone (I love criminal biography) and I have been trying to sneak a few reading sessions in here and there, but the guilt I feel over not doing my actual school work is constantly eating away at me. No one should ever have to do that much school work.

I am also having THE WORST HAIR DAY EVER. No amount of hairspray is helping with this frizz. I look like I am running around with some sort of electrical charge running through me.

Once this day is done I am grabbing a chai latte and coming home to binge watch Friends on Netflix and recuperate.

Friends   <– My saving grace!

Happy Saturday!

xo Amber


Best Wishes for 2015!


I hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year! All this family time has made it hard for me to keep up with posts and such, but I’m hoping that will change once I get back to school. This year my resolution is to pick a resolution and follow it through. Does that count? I’ve decided to try and keep to a schedule as much as I can in order to try and balance this crazy school semester that I have coming up! I have an extremely nasty habit of procrastination and Netflixitus (the disease of binge watching Netflix), so I am constantly distracting myself from important school things. Of course now that Netflix has the complete Friends series, my resolution might be a little more difficult to keep…

Anyway, all the best!

xo Amber

Happy Holidays!


I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday! Things have been kind of crazy since I got home from school, but I didn’t expect anything less. My parents surprised me and my siblings with a family trip to the Bahamas, which is super exciting since we’ve never really been on vacation before and we all can’t wait to go. Of course once the initial surprise wore off we had to start talking logistics, and thats where things got a little out of hand… Sometimes my family has a hard time agreeing on things, so we kind of just shout at one another until someone throws their hands up, and gives in. It’s not the best way to deal with things, but it all usually works out in the end.

Anyway, so far this holiday has been full of good times, and I feel very blessed to be able to be spending it with my family and friends. 😉



xo Amber

Homestretch for the Holidays!


This past Sunday was my Nono’s 90th birthday and I was lucky enough to have been able to come home from school in order to be at his party! It was a really great afternoon and it was also nice to be 500km away from school. Alas, I must return back to university in order to stay up late, bite my nails, and write my final exams. Thankfully my Grams made me a fresh batch of shortbread cookies for the gruelling 8 hour bus ride back. I say gruelling because there always seems to be a tendency for things to go wrong for me on these little trips.

Of the many bus trips I have taken, here are just a few of the unfortunate things that have happened:

– While taking a midnight bus home for Christmas last year, the bus broke down around 2am in -30 degree whether and we had to wait 3 hours in a Tim Hortons in the middle of nowhere for a new one. Once the new bus came the bus drivers exact words were “Don’t bother asking me to turn up the heat because it doesn’t work.” That was fun.
– This summer I went back to school to visit some friends. On the way back the bus blew a tire so we had to wait for a new one. It had started to rain and the new bus had some sort of freaky leak in the roof so I had water drip on me for four hours.

– We were about half way into our trip when another passenger discovered a fox hiding away on the bus and we had to take time to take care of that little situation.

– A lady was travelling with her cat in one of those animal carriers and it some how escaped and found its way into my lap while I was sleeping… Imagine what it was like waking up to a stranger pulling her cat (who has dug his claws into your sweater) off of you.

– I took my shoes off once so I could curl up and sleep in my seat, and when I woke up someone had stolen them.

The stories could just go on and on. Fortunately I am now able to see the humour in these situations and enjoy getting a good laugh when I share the stories with friends and family. Plus, it is all worth it once I am able to come home, unwind, and eat tons of great home baked goods!


Here is hoping to a safe and trouble free ride back!

Xo Amber