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Homestretch for the Holidays!


This past Sunday was my Nono’s 90th birthday and I was lucky enough to have been able to come home from school in order to be at his party! It was a really great afternoon and it was also nice to be 500km away from school. Alas, I must return back to university in order to stay up late, bite my nails, and write my final exams. Thankfully my Grams made me a fresh batch of shortbread cookies for the gruelling 8 hour bus ride back. I say gruelling because there always seems to be a tendency for things to go wrong for me on these little trips.

Of the many bus trips I have taken, here are just a few of the unfortunate things that have happened:

– While taking a midnight bus home for Christmas last year, the bus broke down around 2am in -30 degree whether and we had to wait 3 hours in a Tim Hortons in the middle of nowhere for a new one. Once the new bus came the bus drivers exact words were “Don’t bother asking me to turn up the heat because it doesn’t work.” That was fun.
– This summer I went back to school to visit some friends. On the way back the bus blew a tire so we had to wait for a new one. It had started to rain and the new bus had some sort of freaky leak in the roof so I had water drip on me for four hours.

– We were about half way into our trip when another passenger discovered a fox hiding away on the bus and we had to take time to take care of that little situation.

– A lady was travelling with her cat in one of those animal carriers and it some how escaped and found its way into my lap while I was sleeping… Imagine what it was like waking up to a stranger pulling her cat (who has dug his claws into your sweater) off of you.

– I took my shoes off once so I could curl up and sleep in my seat, and when I woke up someone had stolen them.

The stories could just go on and on. Fortunately I am now able to see the humour in these situations and enjoy getting a good laugh when I share the stories with friends and family. Plus, it is all worth it once I am able to come home, unwind, and eat tons of great home baked goods!


Here is hoping to a safe and trouble free ride back!

Xo Amber